Fan Made Captain Planet Trailer Looks Like Your Average Summer Blockbuster

90’s nostalgia is what’s hot, everybody. All the best things happened to the 90’s kids and they want to let everyone know how awesome their childhood was and how yours was a piece of shit. I mean, 90’s kids had Power Rangers and Rugrats and the rest of Nickelodeon’s shenanigans. They take pride in their sheltered participation trophy childhood and have become self-aware. The elements of your childhood soon diminish once you get to adolescence and it’s not until someone says: “Hey, remember when…” then everyone goes nuts and relishes in their forgotten memories.

Why the shit am I telling you this?

No reason, really. Some kids just put together a fan video of what Captain Planet would be if it were a summer blockbuster.

The video itself is kind of entertaining. The trailer rings true to the summer blockbuster’s we are used to seeing. It plays more on the side of parody than a full blown tribute; giving us building rubble everywhere, slow motion shots, and that damn comedic tag at the end that just wraps the trailer up tightly.

It would have been better if one person got in a Prius with Captain Planet

“My mother always told me never to get into cars with strangers”

“This isn’t a caaaaaaarrrr”

And the Prius turns into a flying recycling machine that runs on compost.

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