Fall Movie Guide: October 2012 – Week 3

Alex Cross

Unfortunately for James Patterson, this movie is getting the most attention for being the first non-Tyler Perry directed Tyler Perry movie.  However, the author is hugely successful, and even his previous film adaptations have been well received, even if they aren’t that good.  I’m talking about Kiss The Girls and Along Came a Spider, where Morgan Freeman played the character.  It looks like they’ve upped the ante as far as action goes, and Matthew Fox is playing the villain (just like in real life) so this one could be some mindless fun, but don’t expect a Lincoln Lawyer style crime thriller.  While his books may sell very well, Patterson is in no way close to being the author Michael Connelly is, however, that doesn’t mean this movie won’t be entertaining.  At the least, it should accomplish that.

Paranormal Activity 4

At this point, if you have any interest in seeing Paranormal Activity 4, you’re most likely a teenager, and you’re definitely into the paranormal.  Also, you don’t mind watching the same concept over and over.  This one has little going for it, other than providing fans with more of the same, and hey, it’s October, so the Paranormal Activity franchise has taken the torch from the Saw series as the token scary October franchise, even if it’s not all that scary.  I was bored of the concept after the first film, and never bothered to see any of the sequels, but I will admit the concept is strong if ghost stories are your bag.  Typical narrative ghost stories have long been overdone to the point where few are scary anymore (Stir of Echoes still stands as the best of the bunch) so this is definitely an interesting approach to a mostly dead genre.  Anyone paying to see this knows what they’re getting, and I suspect there will be a lot of those people, so Paramount will keep churning them out as long as they can.  It also helps that these type of films are cheap to make, and rely on unknowns for their cast, so that leaves endless possibilities if they decide to continue making them.

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