Fall Movie Guide: October 2012 – Week 2


Ben Affleck returns to the screen in another movie he has directed with Argo.  Based on the true story of a CIA operative who decides to make a fake Hollywood film to save some hostages in Iran, this one is more political, but just as serious, as Affleck’s past two directorial efforts.  Jeremy will have the review of this one soon, but it’s already being talked about as a possible Oscar contender, so it may be one worth checking out, it certainly has a good cast going for it.


This one seems to be generally liked by most that have seen it (see what Jeremy thought in his review), and in a horror landscape that is rough on R-rated horror, it’s refreshing to hear that Scott Derrickson‘s story of a horror writer (Ethan Hawke) investigating a series of brutal murders that took place in a house.  In order to get closer to the story, he moves his family into the house, and of course, the strange occurences start.  Co-written by former critic C. Robert CargillSinister has started the horror-friendly month of October off right, before we get to another diluted Paranormal Activity sequel later in the month.

Atlas Shrugged: Part II

While Ayn Rand may have been a literal psychopath (and reported amphetamine addict), her philosophy of “Objectivism” (rational selfishness) has lived on into the world of modern conservatism.  Basically, it says what you want, you should take for yourself and never feel bad about it.  The first movie based on her most famous novel was mildly successful propganda, and with enough supporters (counting Paul Ryan among them), this movie has been made, and will be appearing on 1,000 screens in mostly red states, capitalizing on the political furor surrounding the upcoming elections.  For most of society, it’s useless, and mostly liberal film critics will find little to admire in it.

Here Comes the Boom

After losing a bit of weight, Kevin James has moved on from playing idiot manchild to an aw-shucks high school teacher in this supposedly heartwarming film.  Courtney enjoyed it for the most part as a feel-good turn your brain off sort of way.  This is a movie for the 10-15 year old crowd that parents can feel alright about taking their kids to, but beyond that, I don’t see the appeal.  I’ve been horribly wrong before, however, so this one may end up doing fantastic.  We’ll see.

Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh‘s brilliant debut film In Bruges was a delightfully dark comedy, and one of my favorite films of 2008.  This year, MocDonagh has re-teamed with his Bruges star Colin Farrell for another dark comedy, the delightfully insane sounding Seven Psychopaths.  He has assembled a brilliant cast for a movie about a dognapping idiot (Sam Rockwell) and his screenwriter friend (Farrell) in this ever-spinning comedy about a gun-toting maniac (Woody Harrelson) that just wants his dog back.  Jeremy liked the movie in his review, and I plan on checking it out as soon as possible.


3, 2, 1…Frankie Go Boom

3,2,1….Frankie Go Boom had a good trailer, and a cast that is full of talented and funny people.  However, something about it seems like it’s just too weird for its own good, which is basically what Colton said in his review.  Still, the cast is interesting enough for me to want to check it out, which I will if it expands past NY and LA, where it opens this weekend.


Smashed was a 2012 Sundance hit, where it was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, who are releasing the film in LA this weekend.  Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star as an alcoholic couple who are put to the test when Winstead’s character decides to get sober.  Both were praised on the festival circuit for their performances, and despite being a very small release, with good word of mouth, it should expand for awards consideration.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Stephen Chbosky‘s memoir The Perks of Being a Wallflower is expanding to over 700 screens this weekend.  The film, starring Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman, and Emma Watson is a real-life drama based on the author/director’s real life experiences in high school.  Courtney reviewed the film a while back and enjoyed it quite a bit, so it might be some good alternative programming for those impressed by the major releases this weekend.


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