Fall Movie Guide: November 2012 – Week Two

Finally, the new James Bond film starring Daniel Craig makes its way stateside in the film that a lot of critics are calling far and away the best of the entire series, which dates back 50 years at this point.  It’s no surprise, as director Sam Mendes typically makes interesting, emotionally charged films, however, here he steps out of his wheelhouse with an international action film.  Javier Bardem looks absolutely insane as the villain, and the visuals look beyond incredible.  Since I hear the story is up to par with everything else, this is the Bond film I’ve been waiting for.  See what Jeremy thought in his review.


Although Lincoln will open super-wide in coming weeks, this weekend, it’s getting a limited big city release this weekend, probably to start the slow build toward its eventual Oscar campaign.  Daniel Day-Lewis plays the titular president that made many unpopular decisions during his time, only to be remembered long after his assassination.  It’s a stark parallel to Barack Obama, and in the fallout of this week’s election, it’s a timely release to remind us of our nation’s history.  Ultimately, I think it looks unfortunately boring, but I always love Daneil Day-Lewis‘ work, not to say Steven Speilberg won’t have a few tricks up his sleeve as well.

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