Fall Movie Guide: November 2012 – Week Three

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

This is the one everyone has been waiting for.  Whether you’ve been waiting because you can’t wait for it to be over, or you’re waiting because you think it’s going to be the best in the series, it’s finally here.  Edward and Bella close out the series in a major way, in a movie that is sure to open to at least $100 million this weekend.  Courtney really liked the movie in her review, we’ll see what all the other Twi-hards have to say about it this weekend.



Although Jeremy was not super impressed with it, all audiences will now get to see Daniel Day-Lewis tackle one of our nation’s most important presidents along with Steven Spielberg.  We’ll see how that goes over in due time, or Monday, when I do the Box Office Rundown.


The Silver Linings Playbook

This one will only be in select theaters in major cities this weekend, but because of all the glowing reviews for it, I’m sure it will be in nationwide theaters in no time, if not next week, then the week after.  I’m curious to see it, as I’m generally a fan of director David O. Russell‘s work, but the trailers so far don’t make it look outstanding, despite critics touting it as a heavy Oscar contender.  We’ll see.

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