F. Gary Gray Confirmed To Direct ‘Fast & Furious 8’

All of this Fast & Furious 8 directing talk is finally over, with director F. Gary Gray confirming via Twitter that he’s locked and loaded for part 8, with a release date of April 2017 set.

This news doesn’t surprise me all that much, with Gray being a clear frontrunner over at Universal after giving them Straight Outta Compton.

I’m not so much worried about Gray’s ability as a mega-action filmmaker, but more so the Fast & Furious series in general.

Fast Five is the clear winner for best film of the series, with 6 proving to be a little too bloated and 7 capping the series and giving co-star Paul Walker a proper goodbye.

What else can they do and how are they going to do it without one of their core family members?

The Fast series has always achieved most when it focuses on its core family and honestly star Vin Diesel tends to bog things down when he’s too involved without proper distribution among the rest of the crew.

I honestly think that we’ve seen the best Fast & Furious films already, with 8 probably setting the tone for the rest of the flicks from here on out.

Do you think Universal and crew will have it in them to drastically change gears and take the series in a bold and new direction or will they keep milking the cash cow until it’s all but dried up?

Source : Twitter


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