Extraterrestrial Gets A Non-Subtitled Trailer

Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo is responsible for the insanely awesome Timecrimes, which came out back in 2007 and his follow up film is a return to the sci-fi genre called Extraterrestrial. We posted several images for the film awhile back and now we’re back to provide you with a non-subtitled trailer, thanks to The Film Stage.

While the trailer doesn’t have English subtitles, I think it’s kind of obvious what is being shown. The two characters wake up without an exact memory of how they met each other and then they find out that an alien invasion is taking place. While not much else is known about the film I still can’t wait to check it out mainly because Timecrimes was so damn awesome and I think Nacho might have done it again with Extraterrestrial.

Check out the trailer below and keep checking back as I’m sure a subtitled version will come online soon and we’ll have it up when it does!


Strangers Julio (Julián Villagrán) and Julia (Michelle Jenner) wake up beside one another in Julia’s apartment, groggy, hun­gover and unsure how they met. Julia is about to send Julio on his way when both notice the uncanny silence gripping Julia’s downtown neighbourhood. Looking out the window, they see Madrid’s skyline dot­ted with enormous spaceships. The only other person left in the building is Julia’s fawning and somewhat creepy neighbour, Ángel (Carlos Areces), who explains that there’s been an exodus of people flee­ing the city. When Julia’s boyfriend Tipo (Miguel Noguera) shows up — having now shifted into survivalist mode — the dynam­ics between the four reach heady extremes. Attempting to hide their apparent one-night stand, Julia and Julio convince Tipo that Ángel is an alien and must be ejected.

As the narrative unfolds, the spaceships maintain their immobile, sphinx-like pres­ence. The only television station still on the air reports that there are similar space-crafts stationed in cities around the world; none have made any attempts at contact.

Meanwhile, as the claustrophobic atmo­sphere in the apartment increases, decisions are made about who stays, who goes and who gets the girl.

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