Extended Red Band Trailer For ‘About Last Night’


Valentine’s Day has barely passed and we’ve already got our first trailer for a film that isn’t opening until next Valentine’s Day. That’s right; About Last Night opens on February 14th of 2014.

You’d think a film getting this big of a head start has something really important to show us so that we wouldn’t forget over the next year, but sadly this first extended look is slightly underwhelming.

I was only interested in the film because of Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink, but now I’d rather just forget about it entirely. This red band trailer isn’t even worthy of the R-rated tag, because it’s mostly filled with “safe” jokes to begin with.

It’s also way too long for a look at a romantic comedy that’s coming out next year.

Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart and Regina Hill star in the film.

Check out the trailer below:

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