Extended Cut Of Prometheus On Blu-Ray Is Not Likely

The hype for Prometheus has died down quite a bit lately, with people coming home either hating it beyond belief or sort of intrigued by some of the things it does manage to get right. Make no mistake, Prometheus is a flawed movie that shouldn’t be, but I still thought it worked really well.

Ridley Scott has been doing some discussion regarding the upcoming Blu-ray release of the film and when asked if a director’s cut/extended cut will make its way to the home video format, here’s what he said:

“This is fundamentally the director’s cut. But there will be half an hour of stuff on the menu because people are so into films—how they’re made, how they’re set up, and the rejections in it. That’s why it’s fascinating. So this will all go on to the menu.”


“Maybe,” he says. “But I’m so happy with this engine, the way it is right now. I think it’s fine. I think it works. It can go in a section where, if you really want to tap in, look at the menu. To see how things are long, and it’s too long. Dramatically, I’m about putting bums on seats.

For me to separate my idea of commerce from art—I’d be a fool. You can’t do that. I wouldn’t be allowed to do the films I do. So I’m very user friendly as far as the studios are concerned. To a certain extent, I’m a businessman. I’m aware that’s what I have to do.  It’s my job.  To say, “Screw the audience.” You can’t do that.  “Am I communicating?” is the question. Am I communicating? Because if I’m not, I need to address it.”

It’s safe to say that the cut of Prometheus we saw in theaters was in fact Scott’s preferred cut. We may see an extended cut down the road, but probably from the studio heads and not from Scott directly, unless they cut him a really fat check or something.

(via Collider)

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