‘The Expendables 3’ Is Going To Be PG-13



I’m not even sure if news like this even matters anymore. Sometime ago, Lionsgate put into effect a series of films called The Expendables. Sylvester Stallone and every single other faded action star from the 80’s lead the series to decent box office results, despite the films themselves being mostly garbage that didn’t pay homage to the stars’ past works, but instead took a giant dumb on them.

The first two films were rated R, despite featuring very limited amounts of actual blood and gore. Plus, most of it was cheaply done and computer animated, which took away from the entire existence of these films in the first place.

Now, Stallone and company have made the bold decision to turn the franchise over to the PG-13 reigns.

The Expendables 3 is coming out soon and will officially be rated PG-13.

The weirdest thing about this entire situation is that The Expendables 3 doesn’t look nearly as bad as the first two. The first film was complete crap and the second film was slightly better, so at this point if the third film ends up halfway decent then it will probably end up feeling like a miracle.

I guess this sort of thing happens after two massive disappointments. Especially after Stallone made the hyper violent and extremely entertaining Rambo.

Does anyone out there even care about The Expendables anymore?


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