‘Evil Dead’ Turns Down The Awarded NC-17 Rating For An R


I’m not exactly sure why everyone is making a big deal about Fede Alvarez‘s Evil Dead remake getting awarded with the prestigious NC-17 rating, only to get cut down to an R. Are people not aware that virtually every single Saw movie was NC-17 at one point? The rating is just bad business, because it limits the audience by a drastic margin.

The R-rating has stretched a lot over the decades and if cut with care you can jam-pack a lot of blood, gore, nudity and whatever else you want in there, just as long as it isn’t Michael Fassbender‘s cock (that’s a joke towards Shame!).

But seriously, people are actually starting to worry that most of the film’s good parts are going to be left on the cutting room floor and I’m simply sitting back and scratching my head. I’m almost positive most of the footage shown in the gory red-band trailer will make it into the R-rated cut, just maybe with a few micro-seconds of blood spray cut out.

Chill out guys and gals. It’ll be just fine. And if it doesn’t then come back to this post and harass me. I’ve taken worse.

Here’s that red band trailer below in case you missed it:

Source : Bloody-Disgusting


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