Evil Dead Remake Features No CGI


One thing that I cannot stand in modern films is the over-use of CGI. I understand if you’re running on a tight budget and you need to touch up a few things, but other than that the use of CGI is almost always a bad choice and it usually reflects on the film negatively.

Especially in the genre of horror, because nothing is a good substitute for buckets of fake blood and gore.

One film that has been making some waves online is Fede Alvarez‘s Evil Dead remake. The property is considered a classic thanks to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, yet Alvarez is boldly going where most wouldn’t even dare. He’s remaking it, but he’s actually trying to do something different with it!

The latest full-length red band trailer pretty much sold me, even though Diablo Cody‘s writing hasn’t had a chance to really come out onto the screen just yet. I’m loving the over-abundance of blood and gore and I absolutely love that the trailer is damn creepy, yet still kind of silly.

Recently Alvarez took to the internet to confirm that he didn’t use a single drop of computer-animated blood in the film:

We didn’t do any CGI in the movie. There’s no CGI in the movie. Everything you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night.

There’s a reason people use CGI it’s cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks.

That right there is awesome and deserves my ticket even if the word for this film becomes negative. I will always support films that aren’t lazy and that don’t take shortcuts in areas that shortcuts can’t be taken.

Evil Dead comes out on April 12th, 2013.

Watch the new trailer (NSFW) below, in case you missed it!

Source : io9

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