‘Evil Dead’ Gets Bumped Up A Week


I guess you could say that I’m a passive Evil Dead (original) fan, but a big Army of Darkness fan. My excitement for Fede Alvarez‘s upcoming remake is measured for sure, because on one hand I’d love for it to be that rare horror remake that actually has a reason to exist, while on the other I’m fully ready for this thing to suck shit through a straw. Why my last-minute skepticism? Diablo Cody‘s name is still on the script and I have yet to like a piece of her writing.

So I’m preparing for a letdown, while secretly hoping for one of the better horror films of the year. It could go either way.

In order to maximize the film’s box office potential (or to take advantage of The Heat getting pushed back until June) Sony has decided to move Evil Dead up from its April 12th spot to April 5th. Now it will bow against the Jurassic Park 3D re-release, instead of Scary Movie 5, 42 and the IMAX exclusive engagement of Oblivion. This allows for the film to have virtually no competition (if we compare Jurassic Park 3D to recent 3D re-releases). Evil Dead now has a leg (bloodied and mangled) up on the competition.

I know two particular friends that are going to be thrilled to read this news. One refuses to call the film by its actual title; instead referring to it as Evil Death (when I’ve clearly told him well over six times that it’s called Evil DEAD) and the other is a psycho (I mean synchro) swimmer with a taste for gore. Both haven’t been able to shut up about the film since the impressive red band trailer landed and now they’re probably going to start cancelling swim practice to make sure they have a spot in line for what could be the goriest and most R-rated horror film of the year.

Point to my random blurb? Everyone and their mother is preparing for Evil Dead, which means the marketing is paying off and Sony might have a bona fide hit on their hands. I’d love to see R-rated horror make its way back into the mainstream, even if it’s a remake of a beloved cult classic.

Are you excited to see Evil Dead on its new April 5th release day?

Source : Box Office Mojo

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