Everything Must Go Review

When watching the trailer for Everything Must Go one might see Will Ferrell and be like, a serious movie? No way. Well here you have it, a serious Will Ferrell movie. Ferrell hasn’t really done a serious movie in quite a while since he has been doing those so stupid their funny comedies. This movie is not for the easily distracted or the people who get bored easily. It tended to get really slow multiple times throughout the movie.

Throughout Everything Must Go you follow a character named Nick Halsey, played by Ferrell, who is having a really bad couple of days. Halsey is a career salesmen who was once among the best at the company, unfortunately those days are long over. After arriving home from getting fired from his job he finds that his wife left him and she changed all the locks before she left. If you think that is bad, it gets worse. His wife threw all of his possessions out onto the front lawn to fend for themselves. You watch as Halsey loses complete control of his life in the blink of your eyes. The only way he can survive is by throwing a huge yard sale of all his possessions. He finds helps for his yard sale from a random local boy who is out riding his bike named Kenny Loftus, played by Christopher Jordan Wallace.

Like I stated earlier, the main character is played by Will Ferrell. Ferrell hasn’t done a serious movie since 2006 when he starred in Stranger Than Fiction. He has been doing all those comedies that people either dislike with a passion or really like. The last movie that I liked that he was in was The Other Guys, which falls in that category. Another thing that Ferrell has been doing lately is acting in The Office. Of course he is not the only person who demands attention throughout Everything Must Go. Christopher Jordan Wallace who plays Kenny, the boy who helps Ferrell’s character with the yard sale, was a lot better than I expected. Wallace is the son of Christoper Wallace, aka Notorious B.I.G., who was gunned down in Los Angeles. Christoper Jordan Wallace only has one other acting gig under his wing, which is when he played Biggie (age 8-13) in Notorious. Another one of Halsey’s neighbors is Samantha, played by Rebecca Hall.

Everything Must Go has a lot of things going for it and there are quite a few things that it has going against it. The acting is what held this movie together, Will Ferrell was great. It was a completely different side of him that I’m not used to when it comes to movies with him in it. I’m used to those stupid movies he’s been doing lately. Another thing that was able to help keep the movie afloat was the serious tone of the storyline. The fact that someone goes through all the stuff that he did and then still has the will to push through to better himself is awesome.

The few things that movie had going against it is the fact that it was very slow. The storyline itself spans over five or six days and you pretty much start and end each day in the exact same manner, which tends to get old. One final thing that I didn’t like about Everything Must Go is that it didn’t seam to have enough drama throughout the story. There was no continuous drama, just single events that made the movie seem very front loaded.

If you want to see Will Ferrell playing in a serious role I’d say check this movie out. However, this does come with a warning label. Just like some horror movies say that they are not for the faint of hearted, this movie is not for the easily distracted. If you go into the theater the least bit tired, you might have a tendency to doze off. I for one will admit that I found myself looking at my watch towards the end of the movie.

Everything Must Go – 7/10

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