Evangeline Lilly & Barry Humphries Join The Hobbit

Earlier today we were once again given news on the up and coming film, The Hobbit. None other then Peter Jackson took to Facebook to release the good news. When I say “good” news I find it to be good news personally, others might not. Jackson announced that he has filled the last two major roles for The Hobbit. Today he has brought on actress Evangeline Lilly and actor Barry Humphries. The Goblin King is going to be played by Humphries while Lilly will be playing a character that is being written into the storyline, Tauriel. Tauriel is going to be a Woodland Elf. Thanks to Jackson’s Facebook page, I bring to you the news.

“Evangeline Lilly will be playing a new character—the Woodland Elf, Tauriel. Her name means ‘daughter of Mirkwood’ and, beyond that, we must leave you guessing! (No, there is no romantic connection to Legolas.) What is not a secret is how talented and compelling an actress Evangeline is; we are thrilled and excited she will be the one to bring our first true Sylvan Elf to life.”

“I’m also highly excited that Barry Humphries will be portraying the Goblin King, in much the way Andy Serkis created Gollum. Barry is perhaps best known for his business and social connections as the long-time manager of Dame Edna Everage. He has also been an ardent supporter of the rather misunderstood and unfairly maligned Australian politician, Sir Les Patterson. However, in his spare time, Barry is also a fine actor, and we’re looking forward to seeing him invest the Goblin King with the delicate sensitivity and emotional depth this character deserves.”

“Evangeline and Barry, along with Welsh actor Luke Evans as Bard and Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug, just about rounds out the major casting. I cannot wait to get stuck into these new scenes!”


Uh, I’m actually excited to see Evengaline Lilly in The Hobbit. I honestly didn’t have any idea who she was until I just recently started watching Lost. That’s right, I started watching it way later than everyone else, but I grew to absolutely love her character and herself as an actor. That television show is what launched her into what she is today. Within the last few years she has also appeared in The Hurt Locker. Unfortunately when it comes to Barry Humphries, I know even less then I did with Lilly.

Well my thoughts for the upcoming film, The Hobbit, are very mixed right now. I’m happy to see that they have a strong cast for it, but I’m worried because Jackson seems to be taking his own liberty and adding things to the storyline that weren’t in the book, such as Lilly’s character and the fact that Legolas is going to be back with Orlando Bloom.


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