Ethan Hawke Time Travels In First Trailer For ‘Predestination’


I absolutely love knowing that star Ethan Hawke has the time and ability to hop between so many genres in such a short span. We saw him not too long ago in the creepy horror flick Sinister and then back wowing critics around the world in this year’s Boyhood.

Now, we’ll be able to see him re-team with The Spierig Brothers (Daybreakers) for the science fiction thriller Predestination, which follows Hawke as a time-traveling agent that bounces around time to make sure things go according to “plan”.

I love the visuals and the concept, but am still slightly worried that The Spierig‘s might have a sloppy script on hand or at least a poor edit of this first trailer, which comes off as a high concept, but slightly confusing mess of ideas and visuals.

Daybreakers was an awesome spin on the tired vampire sub-genre, with its fair share of problems, but it left a mostly-awesome aftertaste.

Can Predestination succeed where Daybreakers didn’t?

I guess we’ll find out whenever it picks up U.S. distribution.

Check out the first trailer down below:

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