Ethan Hawke Spills The Beans

In 1994, Richard Linklater released one of my favorite “romance” movies of all-time in Before Sunrise. This was a movie that showed the true happenstance of love and the randomness in which it seems to happen between two people. The long drawn out (and repeated) situations of rom-coms are incredibly overblown and showcase nothing more than mere fantasy. Is that why women eat them up?

Luckily, some filmmakers still have a pulse on the heart of true love. Fast forward nearly 10 years to the equally interesting Before Sunset, and the characters may be making a possible return.

According to Slash Film, Ethan Hawke spilled the beans on an upcoming sequel shooting this summer. Is it concrete? See for yourself.

“We’re also doing a follow-up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, so that will be fun,” (Hawke) revealed while discussing future collaborations with Linklater. “We’re going to shoot that this summer.”

Linklater and Hawke’s co-star Julie Deply have been mum on the subject, saying things like “it’s possible” or “we’ll see.” Could this be the evidence we need to confirm it?

Well, I’m sold, so let’s start the “name the movie” game.

After Sunset

After Twilight

In The Morning

More Stuff That Happened After Sunset That We Didn’t Have Enough Time For In The Previous Movie

What could it be?


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