‘Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions’ Drops A Promising Trailer

Adam Robitel‘s Escape Room was a pleasant surprise, blending together a popular trend (escape rooms) with the horror genre to make for a unique horror flick that brought the thrills and creativity to the big screen. Most wrote the film off as a PG-13 cash-grab, but I can honestly say that the film is a blast and never really shows its MPA rating in a negative way — there are a lot of fun deaths and some clever twists to keep you guessing.

I worried when the film dropped in theaters a few years back and didn’t really gather much attention. It made some money, but it didn’t light the box office on fire, which is kind of what is expected to guarantee yourself a sequel these days.

Fast forward to now, with Escape Room: Tournament of Champions heading our way this July.

The film brings together six previous escape room winners to face off in the ultimate set of challenges. If you saw the first film, you will notice a couple familiar faces, which helps for continuity, but also the idea of a fresh escape room with more people means that you can easily check this one out without having seen the first (which I suggest you watch anyways).

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