Ernest Borgnine Dead at 95

In some sad, but not totally unexpected news, Ernest Borgnine has passed away at the age of 95.  The actor was known as a variety of characters in different movies, ranging from Oscar-worthy roles in films like From Here To Eternity and The Wild Bunch and Marty to goofy roles in modern comedies like BASEketball and Strange Wilderness.

Known for his distinctive face and voice, everyone knew Borgnine from one of their favorite films, even though he didn’t begin acting until he was in his mid-30’s.  The actor worked consistently from the early 50’s until he was too sick to continue working.  His last film will be The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez, about a bitter old man who never finds fame, until the latin caretakers at his nursing home find out he shook the hand of famous singer and actor Vicente Fernandez, which sounds like a fitting final film for the actor.

Borgnine was 95, and he died from renal failure, when his kidneys ceased to function properly on their own.  The actor will be missed for his sad and dry brand of comedy, as well as his ruthless villains, and I’ll especially miss him when I watch Strange Wilderness and he’s not in a lot of scenes because he was just too old to do most of the movie.  He still had some great scenes and you could tell his mind was as sharp as ever.  He will be missed.

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