Emmure Slave to the Game Review

If you’re looking for the epitome of what mainstream hardcore (I like to call it Brocore) music is today, you should have to look any further than Emmure. Emmure brings to the table their signature style of awful masculine/dominant rage filled lyrics mixed with chugging fucking breakdowns. Their last release, Speaker of The Dead, had prime examples of this with songs like Drug Dealer Friend where the lyrics are essentially: “I want to watch you suck his dick/ Bitch”. After listening to that album, I now know what’s to be expected from these guys. They are the Limp Bizkit of hardcore music.

Slave to the Game is the latest album to come from these chaotic lunatics. It brings forth all of what I mentioned earlier. Protoman is the first song in line after a brief album intro (Insert Coin). It contains tons of scratchy/distorted vocals to the tune of two guitarists that seem to be limited to power chords and what rhythms they can create using only their open 6th string on the guitar.

Normally I would go on about other songs on the album, but there isn’t much diversity with these guys. You listen to one song, you have heard them all. They are crammed with hateful/angry vocals, frequent breakdowns (if the entire song isn’t already a breakdown), and cheap arcade game SFX to go with the arcade theme of the album.

The production of the album seems fine. Mark Castillo’s drums have been worked well into the mix. The kick drum is tight and the snare sounds fat and full. Mark Davis’ bass locks in tight with the drums. Mike Mulholland and Jesse Ketive fill in the mid to high frequencies with their chugging wall of guitars conformed to the rhythm of the song. Finally we have our main man, Frankie Palmeri on vocals bringing a low grumble, raspy high scream, and some sort of rap influenced “clean” voice you could say.

Put all these elements together and you get Emmure; a living, breathing example of what is wrong with some sub-sub-genres of metal these days.

Slave to the Game is just another Emmure album to me. Loud, in your face anger that surely cannot be matched with any other band that you hear today. Not that you’d want to match with them. Dynamics is not their thing. Being calm and quiet is for pussies and douchebags. Crank that shit up and lets work on a half an hour’s worth of a breakdown.

Slave to the Game – 4/10

Track Listing:

01 – Insert Coin
02 – Protoman
03 – She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool
04 – I Am Onslaught
05 – Bison Diaries
06 – Poltergeist
07 – Cross Over Attack
08 – Umar Dumps Dormammu
09 – Blackheart Reigns
10 – MDMA
11 – War Begins With You
12 – A.I

Slave to the Game is available now via Victory Records

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