Emma Roberts Joins The Rock In Dito Montiel’s Latest Film

Director Dito Montiel isn’t a personal favorite of mine, but at the same time I’ve seen much less-talented men step behind the lens. His most recent film, The Son of No One, failed to make a positive stance in my book and what’s worse is it’s the type of film that should have been really good.

It had some respectable stars like Al Pacino and Ray Liotta in it as well as newer blood like Channing Tatum. I’ve slowly started liking Tatum more and more as an actor lately and I was looking forward to his dramatic turn in Montiel’s The Son of No One, but the film ended up being a dull experience, full of wasted potential.

This leads me to some casting news going around. The Film Stage is reporting that actress Emma Roberts has joined Montiel’s latest production, Empire State, alongside Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth. Now this sounds like another solid cast list, but Montiel has proven to us that a cast means nothing, with his last film.

So, on one side I’m interested in the casting of Roberts, Johnson and even Hemsworth, while on the other side I’m ready to slide it under the rug and forget about the films existence.

There’s not much to know about Empire Game, besides this little bit of plot:

two childhood friends from Astoria, N.Y., who plan to rob an armored car depository, with Johnson playing the NYPD detective out to bust them.

Hemsworth will be playing one of the friends, with Roberts playing a waitress/possible love interest.

Any thoughts on this bit of casting news? Anyone out there kind of excited for another Dito Montiel film?

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