Eli Roth Wants A Sequel To The Man With The Iron Fists

RZA‘s directorial debut film The Man with the Iron Fists opens this Friday and so far the word is relatively strong. The positive buzz for the film should help it open, but I’m wondering if the general audience is going to eat it up or turn a cold shoulder.

One thing for sure is co-producer Eli Roth wouldn’t mind a sequel. He recently sat down with We Got This Covered and revealed the following:

RZA and I talked about continuing the story while we were shooting it. We really wanted to write the foundation of something that could continue if we decided to. It was such a great fun, creative collaboration and obviously it depends on how the public likes it, but it is something we’d love to continue.

I’d love for the film to do well and I haven’t even seen it yet. I trust in RZA and I trust in the talent he has assembled for this sure-to-be bloodbath of a martial arts flick.

The Man with the Iron Fists opens on Friday.

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