Elektra Most-Likely In ‘Daredevil’ Season 2

Fox never quite managed to nail the character of Daredevil or even Elektra, despite her co-starring in Daredevil and eventually getting her own solo film.

But now Marvel and Netflix will probably do the character justice in the upcoming Season 2 release of the show Daredevil, which can’t be praised enough for just how excellent it is.

Rumors have it that their was auditions for the character going around at one point, with leaked Vimeo footage showing off some of the eyed talent as will as giving a bit of back story on the character.

She was briefly mentioned in Season 1 of the show, which makes her appearance in Season 2 all the more likely.

I can’t wait to see how Marvel approaches her in Season 2 and I’m also just excited to see more Daredevil.


Source : Comics Alliance

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