Effective First Trailer For James Wan’s New Horror Film ‘The Conjuring’


As far as I’m concerned James Wan is the master of modern horror when it comes to creepy atmospheres and visual scares. The man showed us his gory side with Saw (the original, none of the sequels) and then ventured off onto two projects that both yielded slightly different results. The first being Dead Silence and the second being Death Sentence (both in the same year!).

I didn’t care for his puppet horror film, because it lacked what his later films do not; true scares. Death Sentence was more of my kind of flick, because I love me some bloody revenge by way of rifle and various other handguns.

Since then Wan has moved on and made a micro-budget horror film titled Insidious, which made a stack of cash and also managed to scare the pants off of most that saw it. I liked it a lot, often referring back to his great camera work and nail-biting scores. He’s an atmospheric director that knows how to balance out the buildup and payoff just right, never making it feel like you’ve been cheated when you walk out of the cinema.

Insidious: Chapter 2 is coming out in August, but until then we’ll have another spooky and original horror movie to look forward titled The Conjuring. It drops just a month earlier and from the looks of this first trailer it’s going to be just as on-the-edge as Insidious.

I love the trailer so much. I love that he’s not afraid to build up an actual scene, waiting until the last minute to reveal the scare. So many horror films are cut up to bits when it comes to trailers, yet The Conjuring plays quietly and slowly.

I cannot wait to see this. We’re in need of good horror that’s both scary and original.

The Conjuring opens on July 19th, 2013.

Check out the first trailer below:


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