Edgar Wright Shot Ant-Man Footage!

Director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz & Shaun of the Dead) has been busy getting his newest project with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost off the ground, titled The World’s End. Their finale to the blood and ice cream trilogy isn’t the only thing on Wright’s agenda, according to Bad Ass Digest.

Wright has been attached to an Ant-Man project for what seems like forever and it wasn’t until very recently that we thought the project was long dead.

Here’s the latest scoop from Wright and Joe Cornish‘s (Attack the Block) Ant-Man project:

In mid-June, he spent just under a week shooting footage for a reel that will be used to test out the potential look and tone of his movie, as well as to decide how convincing Ant-man’s powers look on screen.

So it looks like Wright might still be hoping to someday get behind the camera and direct an Ant-Man film. The footage has been shot, so now it’s a waiting game to see if the studios liked it enough to get Wright back to continue the project on a bigger scale.

I know virtually nothing about the Ant-Man and I plan on leaving it that way until Wright makes the damn movie.

What about you?

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