Dwayne Johnson Was Originally Offered Mark Wahlberg’s Role In ‘Transformers 4’


This weekend saw Michael Bay‘s dark comedy Pain & Gain take the number one spot at the box office with about 20 million dollars. Now, that’s not an incredible amount when compared to his other films, but at least it took number one and at least it only has a (rumored) budget of about 26 million. This means it should do decent business, even if Iron Man 3 plans on wiping the floor with every single film come next weekend.

A lot of people have praised Pain & Gain for Dwayne Johnson‘s role as the Jesus-loving Paul and I totally agree with the positive words. He steals the film right from under Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie, but they do good work too.

One thing that The Rock recently revealed in some Q & A was that he was originally offered the leading role in Bay’s upcoming Transformers 4, but he had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with Hercules.

This brings up an interesting alternate-reality, where Johnson could have possibly saved the already shitty series.

Now, as much as I like Johnson as an actor I honestly believe that Transformers 4 would have been the wrong move for him. He’s great as a tough guy bad ass and he’s even better as a funny tough guy that can also be a bad ass, but I just can’t picture him playing second monkey to a group of giant CGI robots.

Mark Wahlberg on the other hand…

He’s perfect for the role. He can play up the straight man just fine and he can also be a bit of a bad ass when called upon. I think he’ll blend together into the world of Bay perfectly, especially after seeing him let loose a bit in Pain & Gain. Sure, he played his usual whiny self, but he did it with an even dose. He’s funny, but he still makes you latch onto him even if only for a moment. You’re naturally interested in the characters that Wahlberg plays, even if they’re dumb ass idiots that deserve everything that comes to them.

Transformers 4 opens next summer, which means there’s still a chance for a Dwayne Johnson cameo or something. I think he and Wahlberg both expressed interest in crossing over the G.I. Joe franchise with the Transformers franchise. Talk about one disaster that I’d throw cash at just to see make it to the big screen.

What say you? Johnson or Wahlberg for Transformers 4? Do you even care about Bay films anymore?

Source : Comic Book Movie

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