Dwayne Johnson Rips & Roars In First Trailer For Brett Ratner’s ‘Hercules’


Dwayne Johnson is a beast of a man. He’s a physical specimen that absolutely dominates the screen of any movie that he appears in. He’s also a good actor that stays very committed to his roles and the films that they live in.

Which is why I’m slightly upset by this first trailer for Brett Ratner‘s Hercules.

Clearly, Johnson has transformed himself into the age-old legend, but Ratner’s shaky filmmaking outshines Johnson’s biggest of muscles. I just have a hard time caring much about a film or its lead character when the CGI is glaring and annoying and the general story feels like a been-there-done-that affair.

Hopefully, this is just a rough spot of footage and the actual film is much better, but I’m not holding my breath after re-looking at Ratner’s “impressive” filmography.

Check out the first trailer below:


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