Dwayne Johnson Returns To Action In Snitch Trailer

Dwayne Johnson has spent a fair amount of time balancing his acting career with hard-hitting action films and kid-friendly family films. To his credit the man works effectively in both genres, with his performance in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island proving that his kid shtick is far from over. Still, he rebounded well last year (and the year before) after his action drought with Fast Five and Faster.

Now it looks like he’s starring in another action flick, only this time it’s a PG-13 cop drama about an everyday father going undercover to cut his son’s jail time down. It looks rather pedestrian for Johnson and I’m honestly not expecting much from the guy that directed Felon.

Director Ric Roman Waugh‘s new film Snitch opens on February 22nd, 2013.

Watch the trailer below:

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