Duncan Jones Wants To Make Sci-Fi Passion Project ‘Mute’ Before ‘Warcraft’ Releases

Duncan Jones is the kind of talent that you’re going to want to keep a sharp eye on.

His breakout film Moon was a sci-fi masterpiece, pushing star Sam Rockwell to new impressive heights, while his more mainstream Source Code proved that he still can tell richly-detailed stories that are both fun and layered with a bigger budget and audience.

Now, he’s working hard on the live-action Warcraft adaptation, which is going to be his biggest and riskiest production yet.

But he hasn’t forgotten about his high concept passion project Mute, which follows a mute bartender in a futuristic Berlin that’s searching for his kidnapped girlfriend.

It sounds weird and looks even more bizarre, but that hasn’t stopped Jones.

It looks like he has eleven months between now and the release of Warcraft, which just might  be enough time for him to squeeze it in, if finances work out in his favor.

I’d love to see him do it and do it well, but I’d also not like to see him rush a project that has so much possible potential.

Check out some concept photos for Mute down below:


Source : Empire


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