Drive Author Says A Sequel Is In The Pipeline

Drive is probably one of the last movies you’d think needs a sequel, yet it just might happen. The film is based on a book, in case you didn’t know that, and the author (James Sallis) is saying that the sequel novel is in the movie pipeline.

Driven is the name of the sequel and it picks up six years after the events of Drive. It follows Driver as he changes identities and attempts to change his life, but his past catches up with him and he’s forced to violently murder once more. It sounds like an interesting book that even I might pick up, but it doesn’t sound like something I’d really like to see on the big screen, at least in the near future.

Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling would HAVE to return if a sequel actually comes to life, because without them it would be nothing. Their unique chemistry together made Drive the best film of 2011 and it could very well make Driven the best film of whatever year it comes out in, if it does come out.

Being in the “movie pipeline” usually means studios are interested, but interest doesn’t mean a cast and crew. It could sit on the backburner for years or be bought up just so another company can’t snag up the rights.

Gosling and Refn are currently busy with Only God Forgives and after that the two both have full plates.

I’m not sure if a sequel is really even necessary at this point, but if it HAS to happen then those two are the only men for the job.

Would you be completely against a sequel to Drive?

(via The Independent)

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