Drive Angry Review

I must strongly remind everyone that Drive Angry is completely nuts! It’s silly, random and full of some incredibly cheesy moments, but the director and everyone else involved embrace it. In order for you to get any enjoyment at all from this movie you must embrace it for what it is. I went in expecting an insane Nic Cage killing tons of people and having a fun time while doing so. I also expected the movie to be filled with all sorts of random moments of hilarity. Let me be the first to say that this film gave me everything I expected and then some. Cage kills a ton of bad guys within the opening minutes and he doesn’t even break a sweat. It’s a fun way to kill an hour and a half at the theaters and it also manages to give you some really sweet looking 3D.

The story of Drive Angry is fairly simple; Nic Cage plays Milton, who has broken out of hell to save his granddaughter from getting sacrificed by a religious cult. This cult has already killed Milton’s daughter and they plan on killing the baby on the next full moon. While Milton is chasing down this cult, he is also being followed by The Accountant, who is played by William Fichtner. The Accountant needs to get Milton back to hell so he can pay for breaking out. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t disregard this movie just yet, it gets better! Milton is in need of a fast car and he just so happens to run into the lovely Amber Heard, who plays Piper. Piper is a tough woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She decides to join Milton for the ride because she’s got nothing to lose, she’s jobless and she recently caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Can you think of any better reasons to decide to help stop a cult from killing an innocent child? The story helps set up one crazy ride. The movie is FILLED with violence, cursing, sex and good old fashion car chases. There isn’t a dull moment throughout the whole thing and I honestly can’t wait to enjoy the ride once more.

The acting in Drive Angry is pitch perfect, for this type of film. I think it’s pretty obvious that all the actors involved know what type of film they are making. Everyone is a little crazy, but they all do it within the proper limits. Nicolas Cage leads the film, playing the tough as nails good guy who is hell bent on getting revenge. These are the types of roles that Cage lands perfectly. He has that awkward, thousand yard stare that manages to distant him from reality. He manages to let loose and have some fun when he’s in the middle of killing 15 people, while smoking a cigar, while having intercourse. It’s these types of moments that really make this a fun experience. Amber Heard manages to be as tough in the supporting role of Piper. She isn’t afraid to fight when the moment calls for it. Another suprisingly funny role was William Fichtner playing The Accountant. Fichtner really manages to bring the campiness. There are several scenes in which The Accountant manages to steal most of the laughs from the other characters.

Drive Angry is an example of 3D done right. It doesn’t always bring the sense of depth that a movie like Avatar displayed, but it manages to submerge you into the experience. Every bullet shoots out at you and whenever someone throws a weapon it always manages to fly past the screen. Also, the 3D really shines well during the car chases. The cars pop out at you and the explosions and gunfire help balance the shots. I tend to like 3D when it’s either used entirely for a gimmick, like this movie and Piranha 3D or when it’s used simply to add depth and realism to the story, like Avatar. I hate when movies are post converted for no reason and I tend to just hate post conversion all together. If you don’t have a reason for making the movie 3D, then don’t even bother. Luckily, the director knows how to make 3D enhance your viewing experience. Patrick Lussier (the director) used 3D in his last film, My Bloody Valentine 3D and you can tell that he has learned a lot since then as Drive Angry seems to have a lot more going for it in the 3D department. Literally every scene has something catered to the third dimension.

I have no real complaints for this movie. I can already tell you that a vast majority of the readers will hate this movie. Most people will call it stupid or cheesy, which would mean that you totally missed the point of the movie. It is SUPPOSED to be cheesy and ridiculous. As far as grindhouse type films are concerned, I would put this one a hair above Machete. Machete managed to add too much story where Drive Angry manages to barely have one at all, which is okay for this type of film.

Overall, Drive Angry is one hell of a ride. I had a blast from start to finish. It’s the type of movie that you can turn your brain off for an hour and a half and just embrace it. It’s violent, funny and full of some really cool car sequences. If you have any interest in this movie at all, PLEASE see it in 3D. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like in 2D. The 3D really does enhance the experience and I’d even go as far as saying the 3D is almost a quarter of the fun. If I had to break it down into a mathematical equation it would be this; Nic Cage + 3D + loads of violence + awesome story = ONE AMAZING MOVIE.

Drive Angry – 8/10

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