Drew Goddard To Write Netflix ‘Daredevil’ Series


Just last week we got wind of Marvel teaming up with Netflix to bring some more comic book characters to life for the mini screen. Part of the deal that was struck included Daredevil, which has already been seen on film once before.

Now, we’ve got word that The Cabin in the Woods director and co-writer Drew Goddard will be writing the series. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since Goddard is good friends with The Avengers director and Marvel overseer, Joss Whedon.

I’m just glad to see the character getting someone great behind him to help do him justice. The film was kinda awful, despite Ben Affleck‘s best intentions. I was rooting for Joe Carnahan‘s dark R-rated film to get some tracking over at Fox, but that never happened and now he’s back in the hands of Marvel and maybe a gritty TV show for Netflix is exactly what the character needs.



Source : /Film

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