Drew Goddard Might Be Directing ‘Sinister Six’ Too


Sony’s all about that Amazing Spider-Man 2 business right now. Which means that it makes perfect sense for them to get their Sinister Six project in the airwaves for people to talk about.

We last heard that The Cabin in the Woods writer/director Drew Goddard would be writing the film, as well as writing/directing the Daredevil pilot for Marvel.

Now, the word is that Goddard is very close to closing a deal that would have him writing AND directing Sinister Six.

This is big news. Very big news.

Goddard is a writer that I’d trust very much with a whole slew of Spider-Man villains. He’s someone that could definitely make the film a little crazier and much more interesting than any other gun-for-hire type director.

This news makes me excited for Sony and their Spider-Man expansions, which was something I’d never thought I’d say.

Source : THR


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