Dredd 3D Gets The Mondo Treatment

Pete TravisDredd 3D opens in just a couple of short days and I’ve been told that I’m going to love it. Fans of the character can finally rest easy knowing that a proper adaptation has been made and those just looking for a beautifully shot bloody masterpiece will want to get their tickets.

I’m not sure why, but I keep seeing Dredd 3D as the perfect companion piece to Lionsgate’s Punisher: War Zone. The two look similar in tone and style and I’m hoping Dredd 3D ends up being just as good, because R-rated comic book adaptations just aren’t in the mainstream enough these days.

Mondo got their hands on the film and the result is the splendid poster seen above, via Spill.com

I like it a lot, much like all of their posters. Another thing worth randomly posting is this interview with writer Alex Garland. In it he tackles the acquisitions brought to him about Dredd 3D‘s plot being a little too similar to that of The Raid: Redemption. I love how he answers the question and I think that both films should have no problem co-existing in the same world together.

Dredd 3D opens this Friday on September 21st, 2012.

Watch the interview below:

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