Don’t Go Expecting A Director’s Cut Of The Avengers In Theaters

People seriously love to blow things out of proportion. Some site went ahead and broke the story that Disney might be planning on releasing a director’s cut of The Avengers in theaters this summer, with new footage. The reasoning was so that the film could get an extra push to top Titanic in terms of box office gross.

What most seemed to forget is that Joss Whedon himself said that the theatrical cut of the film is his director’s cut. Sure, there’s a few scenes lying around on the cutting room floor that didn’t make it in, but only because Whedon, like most directors, went and edited the movie to what he thought was the perfect vision.

It’s not abnormal for a director to cut lots of footage simply to make the film work in terms of pacing and focus on story. Just because there’s deleted scenes out there doesn’t mean Whedon wants them reattached to the film.

Expect deleted scenes to be featured on the Blu-ray later this year, but don’t expect Marvel/Disney to re-release the film in theaters as an all-new director’s cut.

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