‘Divergent’ Series Getting Pushed To TV For Finale

The Divergent series is without a doubt one of the word YA adaptions. The first film was fine, but each sequel managed to bring the worst out of the performers and whoever “wrote” the scripts.

Seriously, the second film was a train wreck on wheels and I haven’t even bothered with the third film, which was supposed to be part one of two.

Yes, they had plans to adapt the third book into two films, which is almost always a mistake and for once it didn’t pan out at all.

The last film barely made any money and now Lionsgate is looking to ship the series to television for its “grand” finale.

Talk about a disaster. Not only is there not going to be a final film in theaters, but there is now the chance that the entire cast doesn’t return for this TV movie.

There were plans to make a post-apocalyptic show after the film series ran its course, but now that back-up plan is happening ASAP.

Goes to show you that there’s no such thing as a sure thing. And occasionally people make the right decision when deciding not to invest in complete shit at their local cinemas.

Source : B.M.D.

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