Disney Ditches ‘Tron 3’

If there’s one thing great about Tomorrowland‘s soft weekend opening a few weeks back it’s the fact that Disney has canned their planned Tron: Legacy sequel, which was never officially greenlit, but already had a returning cast list as well as director Joseph Kosinski sort of confirmed to come back.

Now, Tron 3 is no more, for reasons that Disney hasn’t exactly exposed just yet.

I’m sure a lot if this had to do with the lack of interest that Legacy stirred up, plus its weak worldwide box office, which was considered a disappointment, plus the general hatred that most have for that film.

Oh and Tomorrowland didn’t open as strongly as they wanted and is definitely not holding on as well as they hoped either.

So, another live-action Disney failure means no more Tron in the near future.

I’m not exactly excited about this news, because I’m all for live-action Disney films, but maybe now they’ll focus more on quality and less on pointless cash grabs.

Source : THR


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