Director Joe Carnahan Confirms Daredevil Reboot Is A No-Go With This Insanely Awesome Sizzle Reel

Director Joe Carnahan‘s Daredevil reboot over at Fox is now officially dead. To confirm the rumors Carnahan has released this NC-17-rated sizzle reel, which gives us a feel for the film he wanted to make. The video is insanely awesome and features The Warriors and moments from the previous Daredevil film with Ben Affleck.

I really like the gritty 70s feel he was going for and I strongly believe that if he ended up making this movie he would have finally been the one to do the Daredevil character right. I didn’t hate the previous film, but it was far from perfect. I still appreciate it for some of its more violent approaches, in the R-rated version, but it still had a long way to go.

Carnahan’s Daredevil could still exist, but Marvel is too focused on The Avengers 2 and Phase 2 to really care about some of the lesser known, more violent characters like Daredevil, Blade and The Punisher. Those just so happen to be my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, so this naturally makes me a sad and upset comic book fan.

Where do you think the Daredevil character should go from here? Should Marvel work on a gritty 70s film or perhaps stick him in a cameo role? What about a TV show? Let us know below!

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