Director Jeff Wadlow Talks Kick-Ass Sequel & Focus On Hit-Girl

Director Jeff Wadlow will be filling in for Matthew Vaughn on the Kick-Ass sequel and he’s slowly been starting to discuss his intentions for the film. He wants the story to focus more on Hit-Girl and he wants to really tell an emotional story.

I’m in the camp that is already not looking forward to this sequel, because I have a strong feeling that everything that worked in the film was partially because of Vaughn as a director and Wadlow’s track record contains Cry_Wolf, which is one of the worst films in existence.

I also don’t think there is any need to focus on one character, because all of them are equally important to the overall story.

Here’s what Wadlow has to say, via Collider:

“I think the most important thing that’s gonna change from the Kick-Ass 2 comic to Kick-Ass 2 the movie was just really finding an emotional story to tell. Because what I certainly loved about the first film, and what I think elevated it above most comic book adaptations, is the heart and the emotion in the film. It was sort of my challenge as the film maker and storyteller to find something as emotional in the second film and I think we have some stuff that people are gonna really respond to.”

“If you’ve read the comic, you know, she gives up being Hit-Girl, which was a brilliant idea I thought on Mark [Millar]’s part. It’s something I explore something quiet deeply in the movie because what happens in the comic is she sort of steps away from the story in many ways and she’s sort of sidelined while Dave is working with Justice Forever and Chris is becoming the Mother[frick]er. But I was quite interested in what happens to her when she’s not being Hit-Girl. Her story is a major, major part of the film and she’s excited about the ideas and we’re in talks.”

Are you on board for a sequel yet?

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