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Book Review: Dinosaur Art Book By Steve White

Cover of Dinosaur ArtI have always been quite the dinosaur enthusiast. Movies like Jurassic Park have always drawn my interest, so when I opened the package that contained Dinosaur Art, I was pretty excited. Recently released is this book containing artistic interpretations of one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures. As explained by the book’s editor, Steve White, Dinosaur Art is a collection of “10 of the best contemporary paleoartists whose work has been seen in all forms of entertainment bring their own visions” to life for a variety of readers- of all ages.

At first glance and even to the untrained eye, the book looks spectacular. The artwork alone makes it quite readable, but there is more. Many readers, like myself, know practically nothing about dinosaurs in comparison to the people whose art is featured. This is why the forward and introduction are going to be praised here. They are very educational, and they do the reader a favor by making the connection between art and science that needs to be understood to thoroughly grasp the hard work that has been put into the book’s art. White does a lovely job explaining the book, and he makes it a book not just for dinosaur art enthusiasts, but for everyone.

Dinosaur Art is obviously more than just an introduction, though. It continues with the art of ten artists accompanied with the text from an interview. Each artist is showcased with their own chapter- per say- and each artist has a very unique way that they work on their dinosaurs. The types of artwork include oil paint, digital art, pencil drawings, and more.

A common theme throughout the book is that all of these artists are working for a common goal: recreating the dinosaur. Dinosaur artists work closely with paleontologists to create their works.
I enjoyed the collection of artwork. My favorites are the ones with bold colors, and I really mean bold colors. I like how each artist created their prehistoric interpretations with the same scientific background, and they all turned out quite differently. The variety in the book really keeps the reader engaged.

Despite how much I enjoy the illustrations, I do have to admit that there are two aspects of it that I could not bring myself to enjoy. For one, the size of the book- though great for viewing the illustrations- is too large, and it is hardcover. If you are like me and you like to keep books that you’re reading in your backpacks or bags for on-the-go reading, you will agree. It also sticks quite a bit out in the bookshelf. Needless to say, often scientific books fit this awkward size too. As far as the actual content goes, the only thing I would have liked to see was a stronger conclusion. It kind of just ended, and I felt like I needed to turn the page and see how it is all wrapped up. But the next page was nothing. I just think a book with such a strong introduction should be matched in its conclusion.

Overall, I think the book is worth the $20-$30 price- especially if you yourself are a dinosaur enthusiast like I am. Also, if you have a strong interest in the areas of science and art, this is worth it as well.


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