Dimension To Remake South Korean Revenge Flick The Man From Nowhere

Sometime last year I was recommended a South Korean revenge flick called The Man from Nowhere. The cover for the film looked plain and the story sounded like something I’ve seen before, but I blind bought the disc, not expecting much.

I was instantly amazed with how excellent the film turned out being. It wasn’t as dark and as unrelenting as I Saw the Devil, but it was a thrilling, action-packed story with an emotional attachment rooted deep down inside. It also had some of the most innovative camerawork I’ve ever seen for this particular genre.

Now The Wrap is reporting that Dimension is planning on adapting the film for US audiences. Abduction writer Shawn Christensen has been hired to write the script, so quality might be an issue.

I’m not overly excited to hear about this news, but the worst it can do is end up being another horrible remake, which would turn audiences to check out the original and I’m all for that. The original film, directed by Jeong-beom Lee, came out in 2010 and it was the highest grossing film for South Korea that year, yet barely anyone in the US has even heard of it.

Those looking for a well-made revenge flick that is both violent and emotionally investing will want to check out The Man from Nowhere as soon as possible!



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