Diablo III Is In Development For Consoles

Diablo III is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360. PC and Mac remain priority.

What amounts to nearly a year’s worth of rumors may finally be laid to rest, as community manager for Blizzard (known as @Bashiok on Twitter) has confirmed that Diablo III is, indeed, being worked on for consoles, with Mr. Josh Mosqueira as lead designer.

That’s not to be mistaken as an official announcement, however, as Bashiok later had this to say:

So basically, a console version is being considered; they’re tinkering around, testing the ocean to find whether or not Diablo is worth playing on consoles. I think that it’s worth mentioning that the very first Diablo was available on the PlayStation in December of 1996, a month after the North American release of the Dualshock controller. It received a positive response back then, at a time when dual-analog controllers weren’t the norm, as they are now. I would foresee a Diablo III console release garnering much of the same success, if not even greater. It’s a no-brainer.

Diablo III is expected to drop for PC and Mac first in “early 2012“. I’d bet the farm on its console counterparts dropping within a year of the initial release. Actually, knowing Blizzard, I’d probably bet two chickens, a pig, and a half an ear of corn.

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