Devourment Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

devourment conceived in sewage

Brutal Death Metal titans Devourment return after 4 long years to once again disembowel the Earth one slam riff at a time.  Their new album, and first since being signed to Relapse RecordsConceived In Sewage, will hit shelves February 19.  To sate your growing hunger, the band has released the first single off the album, “Fifty Ton War Machine”, accompanied with a lyric video (which seems to be the new “hot” way to release singles nowadays).

First impressions:  The song’s pretty killer.  The production is actually spot-on; gritty, heavy, but still polished.  Which was something I was a bit worried about considering how over-production has beaten death metal into the ground lately.  And honestly, Devourment require filthy, monstrous production.  The band’s treading new waters as well, as vocalist Mike Majewski injects more of a variety to his usual indecipherable guttural spewings, and the slam riffs are used more ergonomically than before.

Full disclosure:  I like the second half of the song more than the first.  There’s just something about Devourment pummeling you over and over again with br00tal slamz that really gets my blood pumping.

Check out the video and decide for yourself.

You can pre-order the album right here.

Or download the single via iTunes here.


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