Details on Gaspar Noe’s Next Film!

A while back, author Bret Easton Ellis spoke about his latest project, the screenplay for a film called The Golden Suicides that he has been writing as a project for Gus Van Sant to produce.  The film follows the true story of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, two artists that walked in the upper crust of the Los Angeles and New York art scenes.

Their story is unique in that both committed suicide within a week of each other, apparently stemming from their belief that the Church of Scientology was out to get them, among other conspiracy theories they were believing, which pulled them further away from their friends and family.

There has long been speculation that Gus Van Sant would direct the film himself, he was just taking his time and finding a time to do it.  Now, Gaspar Noe, renowned director of the films Enter the Void and Irreversible, is saying he’ll be the person to direct the film.  On the casting side of things, rumor has it that Ryan Gosling is interested in the lead role.

A while back, Gosling was quoted as saying the two directors he would most like to work with were Nicholas Windig Refn and Gaspar Noe.  Now that he has worked with Refn in this year’s highly acclaimed film Drive, it’s just a matter of time before the increasingly popular actor gets what he wants.  The question is, will they be able to make it work with schedules?  What will Noe’s vision of a paranoia-obsessed couple look like?  We’ll bring you more when we hear it!

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