Deleted Alternate Opening For The Avengers Is A Little Darker

One of my biggest problems with The Avengers was the opening act. It felt like it was stuck in a standstill and it took the film forever to finally get out of that slog. It eventually became one of the better comic-book adaptations, with a mega-cast that almost seemed too good to be true, but somehow under all of the pressure director Joss Whedon made it work.

I still don’t think The Avengers is the end-all superhero film that everyone claims it to be, but I can totally see why people are eating it up.

The Blu-ray is coming out in September and Marvel has smartly started to release some of the deleted and alternate scenes, like this alternate opening.

It’s much darker and grim than the original opening and I actually like it a great deal. It doesn’t really fit into the rest of the film, but I like how it plays out for some reason.

The Avengers hits Blu-ray on September 25th, 2012. Watch the alternate opening below:

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