Deftones’ “Leathers” Will Make Your Week

I’ve been a fan of Deftones since I was a wee little lad in love with anything and everything nu-metal had to offer and almost twenty years later the band have remained the only outfit from that misguided fad that still matter.  Their 2009 album Diamond Eyes was one of my favorites of that year, and if their new song “Leathers”, is any indication, it looks like their forthcoming follow up, Koi No Yokan (Japanese for the sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love), will easily make my best of list this year.  It’s in your face, melancholic and beautiful all at the same time; it’s what the ‘tones are known for and what they’re so goddamned good at.

Check it out below and weigh in with your thoughts.

Koi No Yokan hits shelves November 13th.

[via MetalSucks]

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