‘Dead Snow’ Sequel Gets A Punchy New Trailer


Dead Snow never really did much for me. If I’m being honest, then I’ll have you know that I’ve watched most of the movie on Netflix. It was one of those films that I’d always start and never finish, often-times picking up where I left off at random hours of the night.

I never quite finished it though.

Maybe it didn’t hold my attention enough or maybe I doomed myself from the beginning by Netflix viewing it versus a traditional Blu-ray or DVD viewing. I don’t know, but what I do know is that the concept of Nazi zombies always sounded interesting to me.

The sequel, titled Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead is here and it looks like more of the same, plus an awesome-looking zombie punch near the end that absolutely sells the film.

Will the entire thing be as good as that brief moment? Doubt it, but still…


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