DC FanDome Trailer: Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Looks Awesome

The DC-U and Zack Snyder have had a wild ride, unofficially starting with Watchmen (you just wait — they’ll tie it in someday), but ultimately starting with Man of Steel, a film that I have grown to admire over the years and often revisit, which was followed up with the divisive and admittedly grim-dark Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This led us to Justice League — a film that was no doubt doomed from the start. Hot off the negative reactions from BvS, Snyder was thrown into an awkward situation as he already had his vision for the DC-U lined up and ready to go, only to be told that retooling was needed, which included injecting humor into the mix and changing the landscape that was clearly planned to take us into the years to come.

Things got tragic as Snyder suffered a horrible personal loss and had no choice but to leave the project, bringing in Joss Whedon to piece together whatever film existed, adding as he saw fit.

The result was Justice League — one of the worst comic book movies that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing and this is coming from someone that adored Batman v Superman, which is an under-rated gem that clearly needed to resonate with audiences before making its impact. The amount of people that have slammed on this film without even viewing it has been ridiculous and the number of people that have given this a second go or watched the superior Ultimate Cut to then eat their own words has been equally alarming.

I can totally understand why some dislike BvS and Snyder’s take on these comic book characters, but I think we can all agree that Justice League is an abomination of footage poorly strung together to feed a money machine.

Luckily for us, we live in a world where just about anything is possible, including Zack Snyder being brought in to finish his “true” cut of the film, which is set to debut on the streaming platform HBO Max sometime next year, spread out over 4 one-hour cuts and then a “proper” full-fledged release, which has yet to be determined (I am hoping for an ultimate 4K UHD disc set).

Anyways, DC FanDome brought some heavy footage which one can describe as a trailer, even though it’s more so a collection of footage that doesn’t really tell us a better story but instead reveals all of the stuff that was cut/changed/reshot.

This definitely looks familiar and not like something brand-new, which is kind of the point, although I am seeing some comment saying that it’s literally the same footage from the original trailers.

I disagree slightly. Yeah, there’s a lot of the same stuff, but also stuff that looks different, but feels the same. Which again, should be the point if we are trying to see his complete vision that was mostly realized, but in need of some money to cross that finish line.

I’m not here to argue if this is an honest “original” cut as Snyder has had lots of time, life experience and more money to make this thing whole, so let’s just judge it on its own terms and hope for the best?

I personally cannot wait.

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