DC FanDome Trailer: Cheetah Shines In Latest ‘WW84’ Footage

It sure feels weird watching this latest Wonder Woman 1984 trailer from DC’s FanDome event, knowing that we should have already seen this film. But such is life and we must continue to trek on and hope for the best.

Patty Jenkins really did capture lightning in a bottle with Wonder Woman, a film that’s bold and powerful and unlike most of DC’s output, until the last act, which is an absolute train wreck.

Still, Jenkins manages to wrestle it all together and Gal Gadot was born to play Wonder Woman.

This is why WW84 looks intriguing and something that I will totally turn up for. I will admit that the last trailer had me hooked a lot more than this latest one.

Aside from better glimpses at Kristen Wiig‘s Cheetah, this second trailer plays things a bit too light and vague for my tastes. There’s more of Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor and a hard focus on the time period that the film takes place in, but most of the “good” stuff feels recycled from the last trailer.

I sure hope this one delivers, because we need great comic book movies with strong female leads and Wonder Woman is no doubt the shining beacon of the DC universe at this point.

Are you excited to finally get a chance to check this one out?

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