DC FanDome: Andy Muschietti’s ‘The Flash’ To Feature Multiple Batmen

Many details have emerged from DC’s FanDome event, including the status of Batman and the rest of the Justice League. One huge piece of news is in regards to Andy Muschietti‘s (IT series) The Flash, which is definitely coming out at some point, featuring Ezra Miller as the fastest meta-human.

For starters, he is getting a new costume design, which looks far less clunky than what was seen in Justice League.

The bigger news is that both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will reprise their roles as Batman as this film will involve the Flashpoint arc from the comics, which means that Barry Allen will be traveling through the multiverse as his adventures take him through time and space.

It was announced not too long ago that Keaton’s Batman was going to play some sort of role and now there’s this awesome concept art released, which features his Batman with Barry (sporting his new suit).

Muschietti revealed more about the plot, including Ben Affleck‘s involvement, stating that this won’t be a simple cameo and instead Affleck’s Batman will play an essential and key moment to Barry’s emotional core as this is the only Batman he never knew.

I’m excited to see Affleck return and at the very least, give us some sort of closure to the role. For those that don’t remember, Affleck was battling many personal demons throughout his time with the role, including a divorce and a nasty bout with alcoholism, which ultimately lead to him stepping down. Snyder was also cited with being a key component in his involvement and when Snyder left the DC-U for his own personal reasons, Affleck’s excitement lessened, eventually causing him to step down from directing/writing/starring in The Batman, which included hanging up the cape and cowl.

While Affleck might not be the main attraction in this film, I hope that his inclusion, as well as his involvement with Zack Snyder‘s Justice League might mean that he’s in better place in life that allows for him to return to the character with that same energy and passion that drew him to it in the first place.

Are you excited for The Flash?

Source : Polygon

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